Today it is common practice to walk around the fair armed with your mobile phone and capture all the highlights with your mobile camera. You either make notes with paper and pen or try to remember everything.

When you arrive at work you have to bundle this information into a presentation to share it with your colleagues.
You can save this time and effort in the future by using the highlight application of Calidat.

With highlights you can concentrate on the important things, have more fun and save time and money.

The next exhibition is sure to come.
Be prepared.

Simple and intuitive data collection

mobile Scouting

Capture highlights at exhibitions, or from anywhere and on the go. Offline with our iOS App or with our device independent App. Always intuitively usable and individually adjustable.

One place for all highlights

One Place

All highlights are recorded and managed in a central database system
No redundancies – the data is always up-to-date and you have full access to all information at any time.

Finding data quickly

Finding Quickly

Extensive filters and search functions allow precise adjustment of the desired results.
Your users can start immediately with the analysis, no additional training time is necessary

Easy sharing of highlights


Highlights can either be shared with colleagues or customers via the web portal or exported directly as a PowerPoint presentation or Excel spreadsheet.

HighLights is a product by Calidat.